Compounded interest

Mack Reynolds | published Aug, 1956

added May 20, 2024
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First Date of Publication
Aug, 1956
Original Source
Fantasy & Science Fiction
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Magazine - Pulp
Short Story
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Summary: The power of interest earning interest over time…

Story Tag Line: […] this tale of international and supranational finance, revealing how an investment of a mere half dozen gold pieces, made at the right time, can shape the fate of the world…


  • Vijay Fafat
    Published on

    The story has the same plot as used in a few other stories / novels (e.g. in Douglas Adams Hitchhiker’s Guide and Harry Keeler’s “John Jones Dollar”) : Time traveler goes back in time to start an investment which grows enormously by the time he is ready to build the machine at an astronomical cost, thus creating a self-funding time-loop. There is no particular math mentioned except for the power of compounding. The story flows very easily - there is not much fanfare involved.