A Most Ingenious Paradox

George Tashman | published Dec, 1944

added May 18, 2024
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Dec, 1944
Original Source
Amazing Stories
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Magazine - Pulp
Short Story
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Kasman Review
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Summary: A stranded Nazi soldier encounters a strange cave… and a most mysterious man of logic…

Story Tag Line: There exists no problem that logic cannot solve! was the German’s boast—until he entered this Cretan cave…

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  • Vijay Fafat
    Published on

    A tickling “Twilight Zone” kind of story, where a marooned Nazi, “Lieutenant Ernst Schlagel, of the Luftwaffe”, finds a mysterious old man in what might well be “Plato’s Cave”, sitting on an ancient chair, hunched over an old book under the flickering lights of two torches. What strange topology the cave has, what encounter the lieutenant has with Zeno’s paradox, why the cave has a feel of “Hotel California” (‘you can check out but you can never leave’) - these are things you need to read in the lovely metaphysical nugget. I leave out my little quibble that in such a cave, there can be no sound, no light, no extended matter…